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SafeSense Camera Technology 

The SafeSense sensor uses a combination of different sensors, like a camera, ultrasonic sensors, and a mic-array to detect vehicles.


250 ft

Monitoring range



Rear and side angle coverage


17.2 hrs

Battery life


Vision capability allows the camera to see a fellow cyclist behind you, and reduce the brightness of the built-in rear LED lights just enough so that you are still visible to cars, but your friend behind you doesn't get blinded by the light.

SafeSense Video Feed


Our (patent pending) machine vision based Vision+ camera sees vehicles using our advanced AI neural network. The camera tracks vehicles, and calibrates alerts autonomously based on your cycling environment and style, this reduces excessive or false alerts.

Accident Detection Technology


SafeSense comes standard with accident detection technology. Integrated sensors can detect a roll-over, and in case of an accident, an SOS message with your location will be sent out to pre-configured contacts. 

Passionately designed, carefully engineered

At SafeSense we firmly believe that a beautiful design should always accopmany innovative technology 

As cyclists, we realize the importance of a light-weight, aerodynamic, theft-proof, and a functional accessory. The SafeSense sensor comes standard with automatic night-time rear LED light strip, AI powered camera recording, and accident detection hardware. 

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