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Rethinking Interaction...


As we developed SafeSense we realized the potential that it holds beyond safety, and as an interface for your bicycle. SafeSense has an over-the-air updating capability and so we started thinking. In the near future we will start adding the following features to make SafeSense a non-distractive way to interact with your information.

At the core of our thought process is safety first so our ideas revolve around providing interfacing features that are non-distractive and don't take your focus away from the road.

Activity Tracker

You can use the SafeSense app to set activity targets like a certain amont of calories, time or distance.

The grips will show your activity progress in green color by a "filling up" effect but the core safety function will continue in the background and override the activity tracker to alert you of imminent danger.

Weather Notification

You can turn on weather notifications from your app and if its going to start raining or snowing in your area/location while you're out on a ride, the grips will give you a heads-up 30 minutes before rain or snow starts.

Incoming Call Alert

If there is an incoming phone call, the grips will alert you with a blue pulse so that you can safely pull up to a side and attend your call.

This notification will only come on if SafeSense doesn't detect any cars or dangers behind you because safety is the biggest priority. 

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