Jibran Nabeel
CEO & Co-Founder 
If I say the words 'bicycle safety' and the year is 1980, what comes to mind? A helmet, right? Now if I say the same words but the year is 2020, what comes to mind? A helmet?
Every year roads are becoming safer for cars but not for bicycles.The time to bring bicycle safety to the 21st century is here.
Cycling is healthy, eco-friendly, and a cheap way of transportation.We want more people to use bicycles.
Our mission is to change the way people think about bicycle safety.
Meet the team
We're a group of individuals and avid cyclists with one goal, to make cycling safer for everyone.
Jibran Nabeel
CEO & Co-Founder 
Toan Huynh
Lead Hardware Developer
Robert Decker
COO & Co-Founder 
Josh Shelley
Lead Software Developer
Su Hnin Pwint
UI/UX App Design
Lorenzo Sostre
Lead Graphics & Communication
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