Bicycle safety beyond the helmet.
Roads are not safe for bicycles. Period.
After watching a close friend get in an accident, and facing multiple close encounters with vehicles ourselves, we knew that we had to come up with a solution to keep ourselves safer.
467,000 bicycle crashes
71% accidents in urban areas
4.8 billion bicycle trips
$10 billion lost in medical bills & productivity
Smart grips light up and warn you of imminent danger
Artificially intelligent sensor monitors and tracks vehicles

Learn more about our machine-vision camera technology and see what features it offers

Two levels of alerts, no false alarms

Glowing Red

Flashing Red + Vibration + Beeping

The grips will light up red letting you know that there is a vehicle behind you, always keeping you aware

If a vehicle is on track to get very close to you or is driving dangerously, grips will flash red, vibrate, and beep to warn you

No False Alerts

Powered by artificial intelligence, the sensor will adapt to changing environments and learn from your riding style. This will ensure that you only get warnings when you really need them. Whether you're in a city or in the suburbs, count on getting no false alarms. 

Smart Ride Recording

As soon as a dangerous trajectory by a vehicle is detected, the camera begins recording that instance. This ensures that you're not wasting time and battery recording entire rides, while still keeping track of all close encounters.

Over-air-updates give you new features and fixes on the go

Grips and tapes available for all types of handlebars

Handlebar lights are always visible, even on bright sunny days

Extended grip length will allow you to see the grip light up while holding it

Theft-proof hardware ensures that your sensor is always safe and secure

Grips and sensor are 100% weather proof

Grips or tape, we've got all handlebars covered

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